[Surgical procedures of the urinary tract and male genital organs. Rates of surgical intervention: variability and its relationship with distance and income].


OBJECTIVE To valorate the existence of the variability, in surgical rates on urinary tract and masculine genital organs, between the population of Health Centres (HC) adscribed to the Hospital of Ciudad Real. It so, quantify the influence of the distance (from Health Center to Hospital) or the income have in the variability of these rates. MATERIAL AND METHOD Surgical activity of the period 1996-98. It has been analyzed for every procedure: residence, sex, age and type (coded by CIE 9th MC). The surgical rates, standardized for age and sex, (TFQ) for every HC has been compared whit the mean (t alpha/2 n-1 alpha = 0.99) of the distribution of rates by HC. The relation between the TFQ and distance or income has been analyzed by lineal regression and ANOVA test for one variable, using the Newman Keuls test to assess the difference of the rates between the HC at different distance or income. It has been considered as significative every p < 0.05. RESULTS The population studied has a TFQ significatively different (p < 0.01). significant relationship exists between the TFQ and the distance. There were no relations between the TFQ for HC and the income. CONCLUSIONS 42% of the variance (variability) of the distribution of TFQ for HC is due to the distance.


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