Fuzzy evaluation of power supplying capability of Kunming city grid considering entropy weighting


The conclusion draws from traditional power supplying capability evaluation method can not reflect the actual supplying capability of gridby quantitative index, so evaluating the overall power supplying capability by means of fuzzy method has its advantage. Fuzzy analysis method has been employed to create a city gridpower supplying evaluating model in respect of the reality of power supplying condition of KunMing network, in which weighting is assigned by effect value of data reflected by information entropy to avoid the influence of subjective elements in weighting assigning. Seven elements which reflect the power supplying capability of KunMing grid objectively and comprehensively have been chose to construct corresponding membership degree function curve according to their different reflecting dimensionalities of power supplying capability, then the membership degree value of each elements is deduced. Each of the seven evaluating elements is judged to obtain quantitative fuzzy evaluating results, and then these 7 elements are combined to judge the power supplying capability synthetically to derive the fuzzy evaluating result of power supplying capability of KunMing network.


6 Figures and Tables

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